The art of the possible in API banking

How technology is evolving the banking experience for organisations and their customers


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Redefine possible

Increasingly in use across the globe, open banking APIs are leading the way towards an ‘open data’ economy that empowers end users and unlocks new innovation opportunities.

From well-established banks to digital-first challengers and beyond, forward-thinking organisations are exploring the potential of API banking to engage customers with new products and services.

Whether on mobile, desktop or both, a seamless front-end experience is critical to any successful API project — which is what prompted NearForm to leverage their omniplatform, single codebase accelerator Polaris to create an open-banking reference app that addresses the complex, real-world needs of today’s users. 

Watch the video to

  • Learn why customer experience and trust took centre stage in solution development
  • See how traditional digital channels transform when connected to an open ecosystem
  • Get an end-to-end demo combining open source assets with the latest tech capabilities

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Three platforms, one codebase

A modern front-end architecture that ensures best practice at every stage and a unified experience across iOS, Android and web.

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Exploring how banks aim to win in API banking

In the past five years, challenger digital banks have taken off across the UK and Ireland. The rollout of open banking APIs looks set to accelerate this trend, leading the way to a new multibanking landscape.

IBM open banking app development

Open Banking mobile app development

As part of their commitment to enable innovation, IBM is continually engaging with startups, technologists and innovators to explore the ‘art of the possible’ for open banking.

Evolving customer experience

Tech’s role in evolving the customer experience

As people continue to adapt to the still-developing digital world, the companies that serve (and compete for) them continue seeking new ways to add value to both their online and physical lives.

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