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An Irish-founded consultancy with global technology expertise, building software and capability  

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“We don’t just build great software with our clients. We also build their capability, so they can own their digital future.”

Colin Houlihan                                    General Manager (EMEA) at NearForm


“NearForm helps companies with the constant change, innovation capability and high productivity needed to survive in today’s competitive environment.” 

Helene Haughney                          General Manager, Management Consulting & Services at NearForm


“We partner on the full journey with our clients. We define, design and deliver better software for them, and build organizational capability to help them reach digital maturity.”

Matt McComb                                    Head of Sales & Solutions (EMEA) at NearForm


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 To solve the huge challenges facing ambitious enterprises


NearForm can help your enterprise overcome its challenges, achieve its goals and reach digital maturity

Our ‘Empowering the Modern Digital Organization’ content series explains how your enterprise can reach digital maturity. It provides expert insights and actionable advice on attracting and retaining the best tech talent, improving commercial agility, enhancing customer-centricity, boosting capability, modernizing, scaling and much more. It helps you gain a competitive edge over your rivals.



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Crafting code. Building capability. Sustaining impact. 

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